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Navigating Internet Explorer with Easy Go Back is as simple as 1-2-3, follow the instructions below to navigate Internet Explorer back and forward:

Navigating back

To navigate forward you must complete exactly the same steps but move the mouse cursor from left to right (make sure Internet Explorer's Forward button is enabled):

Navigating forward

You actually don't have to walk such long distance as the arrow's length. Here's the minimum distance you must close in order to activate Easy Go Back:

The program's main window allows you to temporarily disable Easy Go Back without uninstalling the program. The program's menu let's you add Easy Go Back to Windows auto-start list, select which items will appear in Instant Menu and select Instant Menu style:

Instant Menu Styles

Easy Go Back actions description:

  • None - takes no action;
  • Refresh - refreshes a web page;
  • Stop - stops a web page loading;
  • Open a New Browser Window - opens a new browser window (your default browser);
  • Close Browser Window - closes the active (top) browser window;
  • Close Window - closes the active (top) window;
  • Minimize Window - minimizes the active window to the taskbar;
  • Show Instant Menu - displays Instant Menu;
  • Go Back - navigates the active browser window backward;
  • Go Forward - navigates the active browser window forward;
  • Open a Link in a New Window - opens a link in a new browser window (IE and IE-based browsers only).

One of the most exciting features of Easy Go Back is that it let's you open a link in a new window with one click of the middle mouse button. You no longer need to go through the context menu or hold down the Shift key.

Middle click

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