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2.5 (2005-25-04)
  • Select gesture distance and tolerance
  • Select the default browser to open (when opening a new browser or link in a new window)
  • Select what browsers the program will be active in
  • New instant menu items: browser commands
  • Bring up the instant menu by clicking the Windows key (2K/XP only)
  • FIX: clicking outside the instant menu does not hide it
  • FIX: referrer is lost when opening a link in a new window
  • FIX: a new browser window opens slowly and spawns a new process
  • Tooltips for user interface controls
  • New logo and icon
2.3 (2004-16-02)
  • Select individual action for each mouse gesture
  • New actions: minimize window, close browser window
  • Select action for the middle mouse button
  • Select actions for additional mouse buttons (W2K and XP only)
  • A new feature: Instant Menu
  • Support for AOL Browser and Mozilla Firefox added
2.0 (2003-15-12)
  • Open a link in a new window with the middle mouse button
  • When not pointing at a link or pointing at the taskbar use the middle mouse button to open a new browser window
  • Actions for up and down directions can be set up
  • New actions: Refresh, Stop, Close Window, Open A New Browser Window
1.0 (2003-20-09) - first release
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