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The TakeAlong version of IE Privacy Keeper is especially designed for cases when you cannot or don't wish to install IE Privacy Keeper using the setup program. For instance, when you are renting a computer in a cyber cafe or when you have restricted rights on your computer at work.

IE Privacy Keeper TakeAlong Version

The TakeAlong version is a standalone executable that does not require installation or the presence of any auxiliary files. It will not write anything to the registry on the machine where it is executed. You can take it along on a diskette, CD or a USB Drive.

The TakeAlong version has the following differences from the full version:

  • Automatic cleanup (at windows startup/shutdown, etc.) is N/A
  • Cleanup notification options (tray icon, tray balloon, simple window, etc.) are N/A
  • The last cleanup log is not saved
  • The "IE Privacy Keeper" item in the IE Tools menu is N/A
  • The "Secure Delete" item in the Windows Explorer context menu is N/A
  • "Clean Up Now" shortcut keys combination is N/A
  • Hiding IE Privacy Keeper from the list of running processes is N/A
  • Locations of the standard folders (History, temp files) cannot be changed

Download IE Privacy Keeper TakeAlong now!

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